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Booking A Performance With Johnny Bonneville

Hey Johnny
I saw your profile and it seems pretty cool. I book shows in Washington DC and I'm thinking you'd fit well on some I've got coming up, Could I get more info from you so I can get you on a good one? ~Dan

Johnny Bonneville can be booked for three 40 minute sets with 20 minute breaks as a main performer at your farmers market, club, coffee house or street corner. Also comfortable opening for 20-40 minutes as part of group performances, showcases, outdoor music festivals, charity events, weddings, memorials and dedications, educational events, social or environmental causes and protests. Yup, even picnics are on the map.

Being a DIY musician can be pretty complicated so Entropress came up with a basic template to use when booking performances with Johnny Bonneville. The system is broken down into Three easy steps.

1.) Pending Bids ~ this is the first step to setting a tentative dates for the performance. We will be working together get each others info to figure out when will be a good time for everyone to book a performance. This is a tentative request and is designed to be low key and flexible so we can come up with the best options for us.

2.) Confirmed Date ~ This is when we have firmly decided to set a performance date and agree to the Time Place and Manner of the performance, negotiate compensation, discuss any rider requests, sign any agreements, block out that date for that performance on our calendars, discuss whether any travel plans or accommodation reservations are necessary to handle the planning of the performance.

3.) Snyc up ~ With our artist management, The Entropress Entertainment Group. This will involve the Production and Promotion of the performance. You can access info from our press kit like photos and headshots, a printable bio, list of equipment and stage plot. There are also links to all social networking sites and we will be requesting your outreach info as well as press and radio leads. Then we will be discussing any production needs like the load-In / out, sound check, green room, stage plot, lighting design, when the doors will open and set times. Sometimes we do a walk through before the performance date.
Contact Us

Johnny Bonneville & Entropress Entertainment Group

POB 5513
Washington, DC 20016
Phone: (202) 705-8647

Email: johnnybonneville@hotmail.com

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